About me

»Developing perspectives, initiating change, and meeting each other at eye level –are the cornerstones of my daily activities.«

I am the first one in my family who graduated from high school, earned a degree, and lived on another continent. As you can imagine, it’s not always easy to be the first one or different. My father’s wish for me was to start a career as an administrative employee in the public service – especially concerning the level of security. However, I couldn’t imagine doing that at all. 

The compromise was a dual-vocational apprenticeship in the private sector followed by business studies. My original dream of working in the social sector seemed to be far away. So I started my professional career and I didn’t feel completely comfortable and I realized that I was missing something. I worked in toxic work environments and it took a while before I was able to increase my self-confidence and therefore make a significant change in my life. 

Bild über mich seite

Today I can say that I was able to turn my passion into a career, namely: supporting, helping, and empowering people so that they can develop their personal and professional potential. This is exactly what my current job as a consultant, trainer, and coach offers me. In summary, I can look back on almost 15 years of professional experience in various areas: 

This includes conducting trainings, coaching, and consulting in Germany and South Africa. In addition to that, I worked in the field of human resources and integration management in Germany. 

What you can expect from me…

You can expect open communication, taking your seriously and a high level of empathy. It is also important to me to create a trusting, safe and relaxed atmosphere, which is always professional so that the goal of the coaching, consultation or training is not lost sight of.

Johannesburg und Berlin

These two cities have had the most personal influence and me and my career. I like the diversity and the vibrant life. I would describe myself as a cosmopolitan. 

»I’m driven by curiosity to learn new things, to build bridges between people and cultures and to set off for new goals«

Professional Milestones

Educational Milestones

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